Advance Realtors

June 2, 2014

In the current business climate, cash flow is key to a successful business. It is about effectively leveraging your existing cash to generate higher returns. It is also about paying off those other bills, such as rent/mortgage, car payments, school fees, groceries, etc.

While a realtor might be successful in closing deals, having access to your commissions as soon as possible will help greatly in growing your business faster, and living a happier, less stressful life.

The magic formula for growing your business faster is by knowing your acquisition costs. If you know that spending $1000 on something will bring in $2000 of revenue, then having ready access to the $100 is the key to growth.

For realtors, the example can be harder to see, but still very real. If you know that spending $2,000 on staging, marketing, and minor touch-ups can result in a much faster sale for a higher price, then having access to an extra $2,000 available to do this is key. Sometimes waiting 100+ days for your commission to come in is not the best option for efficiently growing your business.

A commission advance from Capital Growth is the winning option. We are cheap — only $0.69 per thousand per day, with no hidden/setup/administration fees whatsoever.

And getting your money today cannot be easier!!

  1. Fill out our application or contact us.
  2. Submit requested documents.
  3. Receive your money today!!

Try us once and you will be a customer for life. So focus on your business, not your money.