We give you your commission today, and you assigning your rights to receive the commission to Capital Growth Financial Corporation. It is a quick, simple, and convenient process to free up your cash flow so you can focus on growing your business.

Try us once and you will be a customer for life!!

Here is our very easy step-by-step process.

We have no setup or application fees. We only charge a flat fee of $0.69 per thousand per day. That's cheap!!


NO!! Just the advance fee of $0.69 per thousand per day from the start until 10 days after the closing date.


Very fast!! Most people are approved in under 1 hour, and paid out immediately.

Under $10,000 -- the money is in your bank account within 6 business hours.
Over $10,000 -- the money is in your bank account within 1-3 hours.

We will advance you all of your commission owed, after fees.

Since there are often fees, dues, and other expenses paid to your brokerage after a payment comes in, we estimate that you are left with 90% of the funds. So we advance up to 90% of the original commission amount.


Absolutely!! This means our service is even cheaper in the long run. Speak with your accountant for more details.


We understand that sometimes things out of your control go wrong after the conditions have already been met and your commission advance has already been made. In this case, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to find a reasonable solution.

Yes. Speak to us for details.

We will send the commission advance to you direct to your bank account, from an Interact e-mail transfer, or from a cheque. It is your choice -- whatever is best for you.

In most cases yes. Please contact us for specific details.

We are the cheapest in Canada and very proud of this. Capital Growth is only $0.69 per thousand per day.


1. We are a very efficient company, and that keeps our costs low.

2. Strong banking and capital partners, so we are able to negotiate better financing terms.

3. High volume. The more business we do, the more we can lower our prices. So due to our size and growth, we can continue to offer such great prices for realtor commission advances.

4. Our price is the lowest we can offer while still receiving a modest profit for ourselves. We believe that the best long-term business strategy is to offer fair pricing to everyone.

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