Faster Transfer Times!

August 25, 2014

We are very proud of our commission advance fees, and they are the lowest in Canada at only $0.69 per thousand per day. We continue to offer no hidden fees, administration or setup fees, nor transfer fees. However lately we have been working very hard with our banking partner CIBC to vastly improve our funds transfer times.

Here are the new funds transfer times:
Under $10,000 – 6 business hours
Over $10,000 – 1 business hour
Interac e-mail transfer – instant (maximum $2,000)

The purpose of a realtor commission advance is to gain faster access to their cash and we see ourselves as an integral service provider in this industry. So we understand the real estate agent’s needs to get access to their commission when they need it.

Sometimes there is a bill that needs to be a paid, or a special purchase you want to make. So our goal is to ensure that you get your money the exact day you need it – no later. This is why we have put such an emphasis on improving our transfer times. I believe we have definitely achieved this and can now say that we are the fastest in the industry!

With our pricing structure, speed of service, and professionalism, Capital Growth is fast becoming the premiere solution for Canadian real estate agents and realtors seeking commission advances.