Real Estate Agent Commission Advance – Case Study

May 22, 2014

Realtors often have to wait long periods to get paid for a home sale, even after the contracts are signed and deposits made. Some accept this as a part of the business, while others turn to financing companies like Capital Growth for faster access to their money from a commission advance.

James D. is an typical realtor here in Calgary. He closes a deal every month or 2. But depending on his sales cycle, he sometimes has to wait 3 months for a pay cheque. He has bills to pay, brokerage fees and dues, a mortgage and car loan, retirement savings, and also planning a special vacation for his family.

This is why he turns to Capital Growth for a commission advance.

One deal that James received an advance for was for around $7,500 commission, which he normally would have only received in 75 days. Instead James received $7,110 today, so it only cost him $388. This allows him to better focus on enjoying his life and growing his business — instead of waiting for his money.

And James’ broker loves commission advances too, because James is never behind on his dues, and is a happier, more productive realtor. Jame is better able to focus on long-term sales development rather than living pay cheque to pay cheque.

And getting your money today cannot be easier!!

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