1 I certify that all the information submitted to Capital Growth Financial Corporation (CGFC) is correct, and authorize CGFC to verify its authenticity with any associated party. I risk criminal prosecution for any misrepresentation or false information.

2 I agree to receive financing from CGFC for the specified transaction, by assigning my rights to the original payment to CGFC. I understand that I will receive the financing less CGFC’s fee, starting from the effective date and lasting until 10 calendar days after the invoiced date closing date. The financing requested will be repaid to CGFC within 10 calendar days after the  invoice date.

3I confirm that I have not been paid yet for the transactions being financed, nor have I received any kind of financing or factoring on them from another party. I confirm that the invoices are current and firm/closed.

4Financing by CGFC is subject to application and approval by CGFC. I confirm that I will immediately contact CGFC in the event of any and all complications in the transaction. A reasonable solution will be arranged.

5 I certify that I will always act in good faith, and understand that this deal is under full recourse. I will arrange immediate repayment of funds if my customer does not repay CGFC for whatever reason. Any delays will result in extra fees paid to CGFC at the same agreed upon rate.

6 I confirm that CGFC is not responsible for any banking fees or charges from my receiving bank, nor is CGFC responsible for any fees, charges, or losses in income due to delays in payment. My  funds  will be sent to my bank details on file, unless I submit new details.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, and are governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta.

Last Updated:  December 1, 2014